About us


Naijazap Food Mission is a skill acquisition training company, created to give resources and future to humanity through skill acquisition training, meal support and empowerment. We are creating jobs and financial freedom to all personnel without qualification, colour and tribes. Dedicated at providing you (men and women) of various background the opportunity to survive and become empowered especially on how to take control of your life and help you to acquire various types of skills that adequately qualifies you for multiple streams of income.

Our Team


Mr Hillary Eze K. (African Rep)

Mr Hillary Eze K., is a renowned movie producer and a marketer. He is the CEO of Larry Gee movies production LTD. Sitting as African representative of Naijazap multipurpose international LTD, X-ray his mission and vision of investing into human capital, hence naijazap company is buttressed on skill acquisation training and human empowerment. With our more than twenty different skills believable that naijazap is here to close the gap between people and employment.

Email: hillary.eze@naijafoodmission.com



Mr U.N.I Ozumba (CEO)

Mr U.N.I Ozumba is an astute enterprenuer who is a core champion of youths and women enpowerment through skill acquisition and poverty alleviation scheme. He has affected the lives of many people through his agricultural programmes and food initioatives such as Naijazap food mission.